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Pro Swimming Lessons 

Want a swimming training program for ages 5+ who are well beyond beginners? Designed for swimmers ages five and up, our WD program aims to strengthen and build on existing swim skills. Unlike our beginners' program, these lessons are more advanced and can potentially act as swim team prep - helping kids refine and perfect techniques for all four strokes, while building endurance.

Our Exceptional Instructors

At WD Swim School, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality swim lessons for ages 5 and up. Our program is led by professional, adult instructors who are extensively trained to ensure a safe and engaging experience for all participants. Each of our instructors has completed over 40 hours of training, with ongoing professional development of two additional hours per week. We believe in personalized, hands-on instruction that keeps swimmers active and engaged in the learning process.

Level-Appropriate Swim Lessons

At WD Swim School, we are dedicated to helping swimmers of all ages and skill levels progress and thrive in the water. Our intermediate-level swim lessons for ages 5 to 15 are designed to be level-appropriate and highly effective. With a maximum of four students per instructor, our 30-minute lessons allow for personalized attention and individualized feedback. Our focus is on building skills and confidence in the water, with the ultimate goal of helping each swimmer become proficient in all four strokes and swim independently. We believe that swimming is a lifelong enjoyment, and we strive to instill a love of the sport in all of our students.


We offer no-risk free trial lessons, so you can try us out and see what you think. Prepare your kids for a lifetime of water enjoyment with Big Blue Swim School!

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